Starting Image Editing for Beginners

It is true that with the photo editing software, people can create the magic, but image editing for beginners must be pretty confusing. It is not enough to just have the software. The software will not be useful unless people have a proper understanding about they will do with the software. Beginners might expect to do something big with the image editing software but it must be started from the small things below. This is where they will start their photo editing journey.

Color Adjustment and Correction

The colors surely will be a very crucial element in the photos even when people want to make a black and white photo. The best photos usually come with pleasing colors based on the style which wants to be achieved. When adjusting as well as correcting the colors, there are some things which become a common concern in photo editing after all.

First of all, people have to consider the contract and brightness. This can be a simple and pretty quick method for changing a dull photo into a better result. The basic concept is to make the image darker or lighter. The contract of the colors can also be decreased or increased.

Photography is all about manipulating the lighting. This is the key to creating the best snapshot. Natural light becomes the best choice for making the best result. However, when artificial light makes them have to deal with strange colors in the photos, they only need to make a rapid fix by adjusting the colors. It will be very helpful for making the photos look more natural. It can be done with auto levels or auto colors.

For correcting the colors using the manual method, people can use the hue that is useful for changing the image color. Saturation can also be used for creating more colorful images. It is better to be very careful when doing this method because overdoing it can ruin the photo result. More complex methods can be found with levels and curves.

Highlight or shadow tool is considered as a recent addition to many photo editing software so it might not be found in the older version. It allows people to brighten image dark areas and otherwise. It is better to avoid overdoing this because the result can be ruined.


Well, there is no way people can forget about this function in photo editing software. Cropping images allows them to do a lot with their photo projects. The composition in the images can be improved simply by cropping it. A little bit part to crop and the photo can be completely changed. It is important to keep the natural size when cropping a photo.

Toning and Desaturating

Last but least, beginners can also learn about toning and desaturating the photos. They can create a black and white photo from a color image by desaturating it. The tool for desaturating can be found in the most image editing program. If they want to add colors to a black and white photo or even the color one, they need to tone it. That is the starting point of image editing for beginners.