Photo Editing Basics with Photoshop

It is possible to create so many amazing photos with photo editing software but photo editing basics will always the starting point to master the image editing skill further. First of all, people surely need to choose the image editing software they want to use. Various options can be found by Photoshop can be considered as the favorite option of photo editor. There are some basic things which can be done with this software for editing a photo. Let’s find out and get ready to follow the step to wonderful photo editing world.

Remove Background

When people want to retouch their product using the photo editing program, they have to know the way of removing the background. The images which have a background in pure white color become the standard in the industry. It can play an important role in the success in the e-commerce industry.

People might be still too far from the purpose for editing a photo for the online industry but they must understand that they need to know the way removing the background of the image. This way, the product photo can look uniform which can lead to a professional and polished appeal. The audience will focus on the product instead of the cluttered background.

They can use Photoshop for removing the background of the images. For this purpose, they need to use the Pen Tool. The location of this tool can be found in the vertical toolbar situated on the left side of the dashboard. Pushing P on the keyboard can also be used as a shortcut.

Next, they have to choose the anchor points which will create a path when they are linked together. The path will be created around the product only so the rest of the images can be deleted. The anchor will be made when they click on the photo. It is better to make the anchor at the key band on the photo. Adjustment can also be done simply by holding Alt and Command before they can drag the anchor to the desired position.

There might be a time when they need to curve the path. To do this, they need to press and hold when clicking on the last anchor. They can pull it away then. The curve can be made between two last anchors. Defining the anchor points actually is the hardest work to do when removing the background.

Once the anchor points have been defined, people can choose the Pen Tool and Selection option in the top path palette. They have to press OK and invert the selected product.

Color Correction

Correcting colors will also be beneficial because the true colors of the product can be brought out with this method. There are various basic things of color correction which can be done with Photoshop including making a new layer of gray. Threshold adjustment layer making is also an important basis to know for photo editing with Photoshop. Dropping the sample point and creating the curve adjustment layer will also be a basic yet useful skill which should be conquered when people use Photoshop for photo editing basics.